Advantages of the member of CAED
The academic news
Registration of meetings
Complete product information
Omni-directional talent information
Live broadcast of online meetings
Case discussion
Meanwhile, you can enjoy the membership benefits of the Chinese Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.
1.Members can award Honorary Certificates.
2.Members can join all online and offline salon courses and exchange learning on CAED platform without charge.
3.A CAED magazine can be provided to members during the meeting without charge
4.Members are eligible to participate in the CAED Case Certification and the selection of CAED Case Competition, and the top six will be awarded:
One first prize: $10,000(US).
Two second prizes: 5000 RMB each.
Three third prizes: 3000 RMB each.
5.Top ten participants will be awarded Certificates of CAED Case Competition.